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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

The watery, emotional nature of Cancer blends well with the pragmatic but rich, earthy love of Virgo. These two signs balance each other wonderfully and share some surprising similarities which make them natural mates for one another.

Cancer and Virgo are both shy and reserved signs, so it may take them awhile to realize their attraction to one another. There's a chance that either might give up the game entirely before it even gets started, simply because of a perceived lack of interest from the other person. Both are attentive though, so chances are they will pick up on each other's subtle hints and use these to overcome their fears of rejection. Also, because their methods of seduction are so understated, neither is likely to be put off by what they consider gross, forceful advances

They will probably find many likable qualities in each other right off the bat. Both are rather aloof but have strong emotions underneath. Both are observant and put a great deal of emphasis on the details in life. Cancer is unlikely to come on too strong and scare off the skittish Virgo, but will surprise Virgo by remembering she likes sushi and suggesting a restaurant they can go to. Cancer will appreciate Virgo's sincerity and Virgo will love Cancer's attentive listening. The cooperation between the two is great. Both are capable of stimulating conversation, but they also know when to shut up and listen to the other. Neither will dominate the conversation, but it probably won't be boring to either other.

Cancer is unlikely to surprise Virgo with a dozen roses and an extravagant gift. Virgo will appreciate not being under pressure to respond to flamboyant romantic gestures which are foreign to her nature. The perfect first dates for these two involve the theater, art galleries, concerts, and tasteful restaurants. Understated luxury is the rule for both and they will feel mutual admiration for each other's impeccable taste. Cancer loves music and Virgo is impressed by knowledge, intelligence, and culture. Both prefer quiet, intimate environments over crowds and noise. Both have a secret love of luxury, but this should not be confused with a taste for the overly posh or pretentious. Understated elegance is more their style.

Both will express the initial giddiness of love in an anxiousness to please one another, surprising each other with courtesy, small gifts, and surprising compliments. Neither will be disappointed if the relationship moves slowly, though both will have to find ways to make sure the other knows that they aren't stalling or showing a lack of interest. This shouldn't be hard, as each is motivated by a genuine desire to please a person they feel affection for. As they get to know each other, they'll begin to see signs of the riches each brings to the relationship and the wait will seem very much worthwhile.

As Cancer opens up, he'll show his immense capacity for love and affection. Virgo will love the old-fashioned romantic she finds in Cancer. This expressive, freely imaginative personality works well with Virgo, making her feel secure and encouraging her to open up as well. Cancer, meanwhile, will respond well to Virgo's obvious trustworthiness and honesty. Each will probably feel a great sense of relief and amazement that they have finally found a partner who shares their values and understands them so well.

Sex between Cancer and Virgo may not initially be wild and adventurous, though it will be full of love and appreciation for each other. Because of this obvious love, Virgo will quickly show Cancer an earthy sensuality that few others see. She responds well to Cancer's emotional, intuitive approach to intimacy and may surprise Cancer by showing him a few new tricks. Cancer meanwhile will love the way Virgo returns his ardor. Her candidness and warm affection will be enough to inspire his complete devotion. Their sex life will be emotional, loving, and fulfilling for both of them for years to come.

Virgo and Cancer are both hard workers, Virgo because she is a perfectionist and Cancer because he recognizes he must work in order to achieve the security he craves. Neither will find cause for complaint in the other's work ethics. Cancer will also understand when Virgo needs a break, offering a backrub or willing ear to office complaints. This makes Virgo feel appreciated and helps her avoid getting burnt out with stress. Virgo will also help Cancer balance out his mood swings and keep him from getting distracted.

Both signs are fond of domestic comfort and security. This couple's home will be peaceful and surprisingly luxurious and they'll take pride in their surroundings. Neither has a problem with quiet evenings or keeping their living space free of clutter. Domestic harmony will generally be the rule.

The one place where these two are likely to clash is in their overcritical natures. Both are prone to nitpicking and harsh judgments, and neither likes their own medicine very much. Cancer in particular is prone to hold grudges and view criticism as rejection. However, Cancer's empathetic nature can help him to see that Virgo doesn't mean any real harm with her nagging, and Virgo's analytical nature doesn't allow her to completely ignore her faults. They'll be sure to make up quickly.

Both Virgo and Cancer are also prone to becoming jealous. Though at times they might become suspicious of each other, especially since neither one is likely to say everything on his mind at a given moment, neither is likely to find evidence of misbehavior. Both are straightforward people who are devoted to their family and who take love seriously.

The surprising thing about this couple is that their differences are as complementary as their similarities. Virgo tends to be protective of the ones she loves and Cancer loves to be protected. In return, Cancer has a way of nursing Virgo's ego and understanding her nervousness.

While Virgo is analytically minded, Cancer is emotional. Virgo has no problem letting Cancer know when his emotional reactions should be tempered with a dose of logic. Cancer, meanwhile, helps Virgo navigate confusing emotional territory. He is particularly skilled at explaining his feelings, asking the questions which will help Virgo explain her emotions, and intuitively knowing just what Virgo needs. Both draw out each other's best qualities, seeming to effortlessly break down defenses that have defeated most others.

Because of their shared emphasis on loyalty and devotion, this couple may very well have just what it takes to have a life-long romance. They're prepared to not just tolerate one another, but nurture each other and the relationship itself. Not only that, but they are both types whose love gets better over time. If they can hold out through the first few storms, they're likely to find their love of and attraction to each other growing exponentially over the years.


Blogger Melissa said...

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11:31 PM  
Blogger A. C. Holmz said...

Spot on. It's amazing how I can see my while relationship written in text. It helps me understand him so much better. I knew my bind with my Cancer was special; this confirms why. Thanx!

12:41 AM  
Blogger A. C. Holmz said...

Spot on. It's amazing how I can see my while relationship written in text. It helps me understand him so much better. I knew my bind with my Cancer was special; this confirms why. Thanx!

12:42 AM  
Blogger Christina M said...

Its been 3 and a half years ive known my cancer man. The relationship is going turtle slow. We broke up bc of his alcohol addiction 3 years ago (my perfectionist nature) and we have never gone longer than 2 months without contacting one another. He's getting himself and I'm trying to..

11:51 AM  

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